Thursday, October 14, 2010

Knitting; Michael Kors Hand Warmers

So for a while I was in the works of a gray [grey; do not know the difference] hat for a friend of mine. [plug] Gary Mei. He's an amazing guy who makes films. He's done a various range of short films & is currently working on bigger & greater things, all while attending pharmacy school![/plug] Will update w/ a picture when the hat is delivered to it's new owner.

Oh, so I started continental knitting method as opposed to the english method. [Continental: yarn help in left hand & English: yard held in right hand.] I would make my own videos, but there are already so many great recourses for you out there. I said I would never switch over b/c I had gotten so used to the English method, but it really is a much fast way to knit, granted I was just doing basic knits, purls, & k tbl [knit through back loop].

In the works: I'm going to make myself fingerless gloves so I can knit on my commute in the wintertime. I have made arm warmers that are rolling around the house somewhere, but they are long & super tight. Found these shorter MK arm warmers on Bluefly. Sorry, not going to pay $23 for arm warmers. I'm gonna make them! It's a really simple pattern. Looks like just 2x2, k1,p1,k1,p1,k1,p5, repeat, & 2x2 at the end. Just need to put in a "button hole" big enough to fit my thumb & voila... I will have me a pair of warmers.

[this picture does not belong to me.]

I am going to be using the magic loop method & attempting to knit both arm warmers at once! COOL!!! I'm so excited for that. I just need to find a way to have them not get tangled in my purse! So many things in there to keep track of.

I really love knitting. I mean certain patterns can get monotonous, but that's life. At the cusp of a new project, the research you do for one piece or work can be pretty extensive. You need to ask yourself; What do I want to make? What materials do I need? Where can I find a pattern? Just so many. I'm not one to pay for a pattern b/c there's no guarantee that I'm gonna understand how to execute it.

I try not to be so personal in my blog b/c who wants to hear about someone's life when they come to a knitting blog [yes I've given up on the wine, haha], but sometimes I guess it makes sense to include it for my own sake. kthxbye.


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  1. i'd be the fool to pay $23 for them since i don't have your skillzz! :)