Thursday, August 27, 2009


Charles Shaw
Vintage : 2006
Product of Napa, California
Grape Variety : Merlot
Average price : $2-3
Found at Trader Joe's

Color : dark burgundy
Thickness : viscous

Aromas : hints of berries; blackberries, cherries, and tart strawberries.
Length : a short finish

not very dry, tart with a light finish, light bodied with not very much intensity.

Other Comments:
I have to say I really enjoy this wine. It has been nick named "Two Buck Chuck" for obvious reasons. I turned to it b/c my parents drink it religiously, no they literally buy it by the box! No not wine out of a box, but boxes of bottles at Trader Joe's, and yes my dad went out and bought 3-4 boxes the day before they implemented the alcohol tax in MA. *shakes fist* Yeah, for a $2-3 wine it's awesome, but hey maybe I'm biased b/c I've been drinking it so long now with my parents. So I can't really pair it with anything b/c I've enjoyed it with so many unthinkable things. Tonight it was fish, but I've had it with steak, pasta, yeah... you name it! It's a good cheap wine. All in all I would say, you can't go wrong with "two buck chuck."

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Knitting; My Works Thus Far

Some of my work thus far.

My first piece; scarf.

My first hat, well the second attempt, which mind you came out perfect. i fell in love with the chevron eyelet pattern. it's a gorgeous hat, kudos to susan powers who made the pattern.

titled the baroness beret found here. <-- that is a pdf i made it again but with a lighter weight yarn and smaller needles & poof, it's for kids now.
isn't she cute. it's my neice zoƫ. [yes she has one of those cool sideways colon things over her 'e']

then there was my take on the hudson hat. a pattern my sister gave to me.

i have the pattern but it was paid for so i can't share it b/c that is illegal. k thanx.

arm warmers from... somewhere. i have the link and stuff & i'll say this is not my pattern but i really cannot remember where i got it. apologies to the maker.

but they're cool b/c i made them just to wear with this vintage [bright] purple coat i got from my mom. i'll post pictures later.

i'm currently working on the danica scarf [thank you yarnboy you are amazing!] & it's a lot easier than i thought. when i'm through i'll update with video on my most troubled areas & such. maybe it'll help someone get over that... i don't wanna do it b/c i might get stuck at this part & have to figure it out b/c that is exactly the kind of knitter that i am. i always try it out and then i'm like wth is a PthflBthbl or w/e they say. you know what i mean, and if not, oh well. k bye.


Red Bicylette
Vintage : 2005
Product of France Vin de Pays d'Oc
Grape Variety : Merlot
Average price : $10

Color : Deep burgundy in color, almost purple.
Thickness : fairly viscous

Aromas : hint of strawberries and blackberries, more so strawberry jam with oak. almost get a hint of flowers.
Length : a decently long finish

very dry, a little bitter, medium bodied, a little spicy with medium intensity.

Other Comments:
It was a pretty good wine. I would probably not get it again just to try something new or get something I've previously liked in the past. I'd pair it with grilled red meat; beef, veal, or lamb. I'd also eat it with a burger.